Château Quintus



2015 Vintage


Spring 2015 (April, May, and June) was very dry. This was conducive to good flowering, which was both quick and even. July was also a dry month. The vines did not suffer unduly from the drought conditions and there were enough scattered showers for véraison (colour change) to take place under excellent conditions.
The level of precipitation from March to June was much lower than the average of the last sixty-years. These drought conditions slowed down vegetative growth starting in July and allowed the vine’s vigour could be channelled into ripening the fruit. Another consequence of the dry and hot summer can be found in the thickness of the grapes skins.

This led us to look after the vines with the greatest of care, giving tailor-made attention to each one. Leaf and bunch thinning were thus carried out to varying degrees and at different times. These two operations occurred early in the season and were intense for Merlot and Cabernet Franc, but took place later on and were less intense for Cabernet Sauvignon. Going through the vines repeatedly to pluck leaves and thin bunches improved ventilation and enhanced ripening.

The month of August was very hot, but there was also some welcome precipitation. This rain enabled the vines to maintain the necessary water reserves and to provide requisite nourishment for perfect ripeness. The harvest began in late September under a clear blue sky. Thanks to ideal weather in October, we were able to wait for optimum ripeness for each grape variety.

2015 combined all the parameters of a benchmark year in keeping with the greatest Bordeaux vintages.
At Quintus, the 2015 vintage provides us with a striking confirmation: We are not here by chance; Our ambition was based on the potential of this superb terroir – and this year’s wines show that we were not mistaken!