Château Quintus



End of the Harvest at Château Quintus


Quiet confidence replaces optimism as 2012 harvest comes to a close at Quintus.

Located at the top of the Saint-Emilion plateau, the terroir of Château Quintus requires time in order to reach the perfect level of maturity. By deciding to wait a few extra days, we took measured but necessary risks: this micro climate is the king, and we know that there is no great wine without some form of gambling.

Here, we happily combine, for each plot, the expectation of an optimal ripeness and an extreme vigilance so that the vines, carefully thinned out, minimize the risks at stake.

Careful sorting is initially carried out by the pickers in the vineyard, and a second in the winery. Eager to combine tradition and modernity, Château Quintus decided this year to use optical sorting, a brand new technology capable of automatically selecting the grapes grain by grain. The selection is based on the color and shape of the grains, according to parameters we define and adjust at any time depending on varieties and plots. We thus have a qualitatively more homogeneous harvest. This sophisticated process allows an exceptional precision of sorting.

The harvest ended on Wednesday evening, after one of those lovely, bright sunny days that only the Bordeaux autumn can offer. And on Friday, October 19th, as a last greeting to our teams, we celebrated the first “Gerbaude” of Château Quintus, 3 weeks after the beginning of the harvest …